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In High School in China - Coscai Andreea

In High School in China - Coscai Andreea
Autor: Coscai Andreea
Cod produs: IN000482
Disponibilitate: In stoc
Preţ: 30,00 lei
Preţ fără TVA: 28,57 lei
   - SAU -   
ISBN 978-606-992-011-4
Format 13x20 cm
Legătorie broșată
Colecția Prospector
Conținut întrebări și răspunsuri cu liceeni
Număr de pagini 288
Interior coliță, 8 pagini color
Data apariției iunie 2017
Coperta paperback, policromie

United World College Changshu China is what this book is about. More specifically speaking, it is about the people in it. We are the ones bringing life to the school and making it what it is. This place is more than an institution to us. It’s our second home, it’s where we have the chance to grow and to be inspired, the place where we have made deep and meaningful connections with people from 99 countries, where we found friendships that will last for a lifetime. This school gives us all the best memories we will have before university and it’s possibly our first life-changing experience, our path to adulthood.

The diversity gravitating around us is unbelievable. Still, if you ask me what the differences between us are, I wouldn’t look at race, religion, ethnicity, country of origin or other such aspects first. There are many things underlying our true selves.

This leads me to the purpose of this book that you are holding in your very own hands. It sounds crazy, right? Over 400 teenagers from almost 100 countries coming together in China to study for 2 or 3 years (if you’re in the Pre DP program too). By reading this book you will get a glimpse of our life on campus, our impressions on the new life we have, a hint of our backgrounds and a picture of who we really are. I assure you that in the end one of the conclusions you will reach will be that our differences don’t build walls between us, but bridges that bring us together. We are more than international, diverse names attending a great school. We have stories and we have a voice, which is going to be heard.

Andreea Coscai

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