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Dracula Junior and the Cursed Gems (English version) - Piț Nana

Dracula Junior and the Cursed Gems (English version) - Piț Nana
Autor: Piț Nana
Cod produs: IN000909
Disponibilitate: In stoc
Preţ: 39,99 lei
Preţ fără TVA: 38,09 lei
   - SAU -   
ISBN 978-606-992-528-7
Format 13 x 20 cm
Legătorie broșată
Colecția Adolescent
Conținut roman
Număr de pagini 256
Interior 1 culoare
Data apariției august, 2020
Ediția I
Coperta color, paperback

by Nana Pitz

In a web-like maze of supernatural beliefs, the love between DJ – Dracula Junior? – and Ileana remains
the only certainty, but this too will have to face lots of challenges coming from parallel dimensions.
‟The young man takes a deep breath and picks up in his palm a red, shiny stone. He grips it tightly,
raising it to his chest with closed eyes. His lips, blue with cold, are pulled back in a rictus of pain.
Suddenly, the stone begins to shine brightly, and the young man throws it on the sand, as if he got
burned by it. Then, he watches closely, both fascinated and disgusted, as the red stone becomes an
incandescent lighting, just like a piece of iron that’s being forged, for then to lengthen, to crouch, to
grow, to swallow, to growl, to toss and turn and to finally to spread out wearily on the ground. The
creature that has just been born from the young man’s hands looks like a giant frog, like a rotten corpse,
with bluish, frozen skin and eyes just like the stone from which it was born.ˮ
How does a contemporary teenager from Los Angeles to be involved in a series of initiatic adventures
deep into Transylvania, the land of his ancestors, despite the fact that he wanted to continue living his
life as the spoiled son of a Hollywood star, who never takes off his sunglasses? How will DJ discover his
fabulous powers and what role does his first love come to play in this new Twilight-like saga from some
‟barbarianˮ lands?

An epic succession of wondrous events, which consolidates the myth of a funny and very inventive
Dracula Junior!


An enchanting fantasy with unexpected twists, which projects – with a fine irony – the exceptional
destinies of some fairy-like characters rediscovered in a contemporary setting.


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